Second (Possible) Picture for Landscape

I had a wonderful chance to go to Waverley Abbey last week. It was nearly dark. By the time I got there the sun had gone down, so I was able to change my idea and take the photo in the dark. I am really happy with the result because the lights came on around the building, that was near the abbey. The lake was still, and reflecting the building. It has the same natural type of edging as the first photo I am using.

P1020840 copy.jpg

I wondered off to the Abbey and took some pictures there, just to see what they would look like in the dark and use a torch light to make spots light up.

Here is what I took….

When I took the pictures and noticed through one of the windows this…

Night shot with moon and tree.jpg

It as been played about with in photoshop to lighten it up and after I did this.

I put two of the Abbey photos together…

abbey with lights

And on the way back to the car I took this photo


The clouds had a weird purple, red-ish colour and the moon was bright so it lit the sky. I used a torch to light the Abbey, but it only lit a small part, which did let it down a bit, but it still looks okay because of the clouds and the shape of the shadow from the building.


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